Most of the floors are those with the higher density and thus are more suitable for sites with high traffic of people and also homes. Already clearer, with less density, are given places with less traffic.

To areas of intense movement, the Brazilian Walnut Flooring are the best choices for your home. Already clear for environments with less traffic. The installation also requires some tips. The narrower floors in light shades and diagonal layout make the environment seem wider. Already the broadest in darker shades and a willingness to straight line (vertical or horizontal) give the impression of valuing size larger environment.

Maintenance Tips

– Cleaning: do the vacuuming or sweeping with broom and animal soft fur, use the SKANIA Super Cleaner with slightly damp cloth;

Do not use chemical solvents or products that are not compatible with the finish, never use wax, furniture polish, alcohol, detergent, etc;

– Look block the passage of water from bathrooms and kitchens. And on rainy days, pay attention to doors and open windows through which water can enter;

– Do not leave potted plants in direct contact with the floor because moisture can damage it;

– To avoid brands, protect furniture legs with rubber or felt, not drag heavy furniture and avoid shoes with nails or exposed metal on the sole;

– It is not advisable to use waterproof rugs.

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How to Get the Perfect Modular Homes Floor Plans for Your house?

The modular homes floor plans is an innovative structure that has several applications and brings many benefits to its users, by having the ability to meet a wide range of needs, whether individual consumers or businesses. The modular flooring can be applied as a pallet or a pallet, and can be used in various environments, whether residential or business.

modular homes floor plansmodular homes floor plans

First of all, the modular floor must be smooth to reduce the risk of accidents;

In most cases, this modular floor has an anti ultra violet additive and can be exposed to several variations and climatic conditions;

Being a very versatile material, modular flooring can be rolled out in all directions, making it easy to clean and transport;

The modular tactical floor always has a huge strength, prepared to support a weight of several tons per square meter of compression, making it the ideal product for storage and accommodation of several different types of objects;

Besides being made ​​of a material that does not deteriorate easily, the modular flooring is a sustainable product, because the  material is a 100% recyclable components;

With high mobility, modular floor can be easily assembled and disassembled very quickly, meeting the needs of its user in any location of use;

The modular tactile floor has a cost-effective because it requires no preparation to use, just put it over the surface of the floor;

Has several compositions and color variations.

It is very common to use the modular floor in places which tend to be constantly wet, as saunas, bathrooms, locker rooms, storage areas, warehouses, construction sites, among other places.

It is also common to use the modular flooring to cover the floor in situations where there is a need to protect living beings and goods against cold, moisture and other adverse situations, because this material acts to make easier the flow of water and other liquids, and also a kind of protective barrier.

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What is a modular home?

modular homes floor plans

There are several kinds of homes, and the must build kind of them are the Modular homes that can be built in sections in a factory setting, indoors, (That is why it is called modular, they are made of modules) where they are never exposed to adverse any weather conditions. The modules move through the factory, with the company’s quality control department checking them after every step. When Finished the modules are covered with a cape for protection, then it is transported to the clients home site. They are placed on a pre-made foundation, joined, and completed by your local builder.

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Also, a modular home can be more cheap and more strong with the years, since there is no need to be maintained, the modular home is the new “age” of the home buildings, but there is some things you need to consider before building a modular home, we will talk about that in our next post. check this video to understand more about it.